Sunday, February 10, 2013

Updates on DBar DOGGIES

ELLA:  Has been eating, drinking, and poo-ing well.  Enjoys the outdoors and is cautious of all the other dogs even tough they've played together for days now.  Strong little girl. Loves to hang with buddy Jack. Award:  Uses her quiet voice (doesn't bark) and is a great eater

BIFF:  Has been one of the most energetic packages ever to visit us.  Although he needed to be separated a few times, it's always been because his body needed to rest and rehydrate even though his mind and soul was wanting to Go Go Go.  Award:  Knows When to Sleep and Sleeps in Heaven EveryTime.

JACK:  Energy dog #2.  Jack has played so hard, he had worn down 2 of his nails causing soreness.  Jack also needed some time-outs to recover.  Really enjoys hanging around Biff....a little too much. Jack wants his mouth always on Biff's back. Reminds us of sharks and pilot fishes that follow them.

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